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The beginning of Fall 2013 – Season of Self-Reflection;

25 Sep

As I swap out my flip-flops and rhinestone encrusted starfish earrings for tweed chucks and lightweight scarves, I am finally ready to admit that fall is here!! And with the change of season, comes the inevitable kick-off to my season of self-reflection…;

Change.  The concept has recently been weighing on me, and today, I finally found the words to say what has been on my mind.  Change is always upon us, around us, within us.  Some changes we have asked for.  Some changes are welcomed and exciting.  New beginnings.  Some change comes as a pleasant surprise, allowing us to embrace it easily.  While other change is difficult, painful, unavoidable.  Change can be scary to those of us who are type-A people, who haven’t planned for it and are not ready for it.  Regardless of the type of change we are facing today, tomorrow or have faced yesterday we can learn from it;

As fall opens up to us, I open my heart and soul for inspection.  “What have I been through over the last year” usually turns into “what have I been through over my life time”.   This year is no different.  So here I am, staring down the barrel of my life’s events, good, bad and indifferent.  And I am seeing a lot of twists and turns over the journey so far…;

I realize that not all responsibility for change rests on my shoulders.  I also realize that a great deal of growing, learning and reflection has ultimately happened due to the changes in my life.  While we may be painfully falling down in the trenches of life, I have realized that there is always an opportunity to learn from it.  I have also realized that sometimes we are merely an instrument in a life lesson – sometimes our own, sometimes in someone else’s.  I am pleased as I reflect on the last year of my life (with the other 28 years in shadow) and can say that I have been learning and growing along my journey and through the stories of others;

I am not done with my season of reflection; this is only the beginning and the leaves have yet to fall..;

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