A view from my sisters

25 Feb

After a long week, my sister-in-law and I met online for a little of our favorite past-times – sending each other silly things we found on Pinterest.  (If you haven’t found Pinterest, run for your lives… you are about to give up every ounce of productivity in your lives to the biggest online “magazine”…)  As we were sending links back and forth, and sharing stories about our rough weeks, we found ourselves on a bit of a positive topic, how far I’ve come in the year she’s known me.  This echoed the thoughtful gift that my other sister-in-law picked out for me for Christmas, which was to remind me of how much I had overcome in the last few years.

I suppose that I knew just how far I’ve come without my wonderful sisters pointing it out to me in black and white; however, I haven’t really thought about it.  Part of me has been so worried that if I admit my success, it will somehow shatter…. A pattern that has followed me through life so far.  On the flip side, maybe they are onto something…

Nervousness aside, looking back on my recent accomplishments actually gave me a sense of empowerment.  It was nice to pick up my head and look around for a moment before putting my nose back to the grindstone.  I haven’t let $50k in debt (inclusive of investing in my first business), a less than desirable credit score, a failed engagement, a broken heart, a chronic illness without a cure, or terrible jobs stand in my way.  I’m now debt free, I have money in the bank, I’m 2 points away from an above average credit score, I’m building my first home, I’m working towards finding remission, changing my diet and social habits to make way for new medications, and I work for an amazing company and with even more amazing people.

Admittedly, I don’t have it all figured out and still see some rather large holes in my life…  but it was nice to take a look at what I’ve accomplished today.  Also, I think once I close and move into the new house, it will start to feel real.  Until then, I’ll have to learn to trust my sisters a little more.  I love you ladies, more than you know!  Thank you. ❤


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