Challenge of Ten

12 Feb

Recently, I was challenged to write down ten things I like about myself.  Seemed easy enough, but after the first four, I really had to stop and think about it.  At seven, I was completely stumped… it took me over two days to come up with all ten.  But here they are (and not in original order).

1. Independence : I love that I stand on my own two feet and can provide for myself.

2. Ambitious : A desire deep inside of me to keep pressing ahead, no matter the odds or obstacles.

3. Innovative : In and out of the workplace, I find creative ways to find winning solutions.  Be it process improvement, tight deadlines or nonstop deal breakers at work.  Be it crafting, writing or decorating at home.

4. Positive : Even though I can get lost in the shadows of life, I always see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Even if I don’t know how to get through the tunnel…

5. Personal Growth : I genuinely enjoy learning new things from professional progression to trying my hand a new recipe to learning from my mistakes.

6. Care for Others : I would certainly not consider myself self-centered.  I love giving back to others, should they be friends, family or charity.

7. Resilient : I find a way to stand back up and put myself back together, no matter how hard I fall down.

8. Organized : Though I am extremely detail oriented, I am logistical enough to see the big picture and not lose sight.

9. My Little Family (aka Mini Petting Zoo) : Mocha, Moose & Conner.  I love coming home to three “smiling” tails!

10. Age : Sounds funny, I’m sure.  But I’ve been through enough (a lot), and I think the worst is now behind me – or at least most of it.  I am hopefully and anxiously (in a good way) looking forward to what the future has in store for me.

There ya go… ten not-so-simple things that I love about myself.  What are yours?


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