A Puppy Loving Litz, or A Litz-Loving Puppy?

26 Dec

After a quick visit home to Pennsylvania for Christmas (for all of 48 hours), I caught one last chat with my oldest brother.  The topic.. how much I have changed… specifically related to my four-legged friends….

Always being a cat person, we are both shocked to realize how much of a dog person I have become.  Yes, me, the tiny little blonde who spent the majority of her life in pink tights and black leotards, cheerleading skirts, tap does, toes shoes and holding glittery pom-poms, now willingly allows herself to be pulled down the street by an orange string… On the other end of that orange tether?  An 83.5 lb. golden retriever/labrador mix named Conner.  If you knew me growing up, you’d understand how out of character this is.

But the more I think about it, I’m not so sure I’ve changed at all.  I think maybe I just found the right puppy to be a Litz-dog, instead of me becoming a dog-person.  Yup, he gets along with cats, loves bath time and even leans into the hot air of the hair dryer when bath time is done… He enjoys a good cat nap like the best of them, and recognizes voices as well as faces on Skype.  He loves to high-five, gets pedicures and has a teddy bear that goes way back.  He loves to snuggle, cuddle and spoon.  He owns a whole lot of loot – he has two toy boxes FULL of toys.  He doesn’t like to walk in mud, and waits for it to stop raining to go outside.  And he understands the importance of settling in for a nice weekend of movies and snacks.

HA, sure sounds like I just found the right puppy for me 🙂


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