When a door closes, a window opens..

12 Nov

And I can officially call them both mine in about a month!!

After voiding my contract on the short sale, I found a different house! Actually on the same day! My realtor and I met on the same street to see 3 houses that had come on the market since I put an offer on the short sale. After seeing 2 of the 3, my heart was starting to accept that maybe this just wasn’t the right time for me, or maybe that I was supposed to start looking in a different neighborhood…

As we walked to the 3rd house, we made bets on how wrong this house would be for me too… Boy were we wrong!! Walking into this house felt like going home to me. As we wondered through the house, we kept saying “wonder what’s in the next room to make is all wrong?” We went from room to room… My realtor watched me get more and more excited. This was the house for me, and we both knew it.

Eventually, we saw motion outside…some of my closest friends (who happen to live just a few doors down). In they came, followed seconds later by my best friend and her husband. Within moments, this house was filled with my friends and their children. It couldn’t have made me feel more at home.

I have finally found my first home, and zero work is required to make it livable. It is on the same street as 8 of my friends (I am ignoring the fact that 2 of them are relocating south in 4 days…) My offer has been accepted, and I should own the house before Christmas.

My friends and family couldn’t have been more right… Something better did come along! Thank you for your support, you all know who you are. Thank your for the support the whole way from Iraq through this less than graceful experience….

I couldn’t be happier… Merry Christmas to me… đŸ™‚


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