The Next Step

2 Oct

Has my life passed me by? Left me in the dust of those around me, watching my friends and family progress through the phases of a “successful” life. Watching from the sidelines while those closet to me settle into careers, engagements, marriages and children, I caught myself feeling kinda empty. My life needed a change, I just wasn’t sure what that change was going to look like.

I have spent the last 6 months determining if it was time for a new adventure altogether or if it was time to start settling into my existing life. I wrote countless pro vs con lists detailing the where, when and what my next step would be. Though I don’t claim to have it all figured out, I do feel confident about my decisions. So here goes to the next adventure….

I have decided that my life is truly my life, and realized how old fashioned it was to wait on someone else to get on with my life. After a few years out of the real estate industry, I felt the itch for the pride of ownership. This time around, I am on the flip-side. I am the buyer! I have officially put an offer on an end unit town home!

Stand by for the ups and downs or purchasing a short sale in Northern Virginia. Hopefully chapter 2 to be a girl with a plan and a hammer… Yes, it is a fixer upper 🙂 oh boy!


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