Fine Lines – Not everything is black and white.

23 Jul

So much of our lives is not clearly defined. Not everything fits into the “box” that we deem our lives. Not everything is black and white. So much of our lives is not visible through the clouds – bold or bright. Clearly outlined – standing out strong. Somewhere between the high and lowlights of our lives, we find shadows. Tiny little diagonal lines taking up the space of the unknown.

The question is, are we comfortable with the haphazardly place dashed in our lives? Do they throw us off course – forcing us to attempt to neatly organize the mess into a readable life story, shifting the lines to make up the words of the stories we will tell? Or do we simply accept the new acquired decoration on the walls of our minds as we stumble along the rocky path of life? Should we tie on our shock absorbing sneakers to cautiously navigate this rough road? Nervously checking our footing before each step. Or should we take it in stride, donning our most colorful heals? Accepting that we aren’t perfect, that we haven’t perfectly pre-planned every single motion, allowing ourselves to stumble and eventually fall down completely?

Is the fall worth it? The bumps, bruises. The dreary shadows of our worlds? Is it worth it to allow our arms’ contents to spill as we fall? Attempting to jump to a larger rock with the guts and gusto of a lion – but watching the glass shatter as it slams into the rock before us? Reaching out to catch the fruits of our labor only to smacked in the face by it? Is the victory and achievement of finally perching ourselves on that coveted rock worth it all? Or is it better to carefully remain on the smooth dull rock of yesterday?

Truth is – we will never know which is best. We make decisions, even when we don’t realize it, that affect every aspect of our lives. We will never know both what it is like to cower on the lower rock and to triumphantly stand above the waters. It is one or the other – black and white. But those fine lines that create our shadows will eventually find us in any location. In any situation. Sometimes the shade is cold. Sometimes it is a welcomed break from the heat and rush of life. In the end, it is the fine lines that hold us all together.

*Inspiration taken from Kent Moran’s “Fine Lines” – “There is a fine line between love and hate. The best decisions and the worst mistakes. A fine line between hope and fate. It starts with understanding…. It’s not so black and white, there’s a lot of fine lines.”


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