How to tell time.

30 May

Time.  Friend or Foe?

It is said that time heals all wounds.  For the most part, I’ve been on this school of thought.  However, today, I couldn’t be further from this logic.  Today, I look back on memories with nostalgia, with a sense of emptiness haunting me.  If time heals all things, why has my heartache grown instead of dissipating?  Is there a point where our luck just runs out?  The clock on the wall stops ticking away?  And we remain stagnant – in search for answers.  Answers that don’t come.  Answers we so desperately need to reset our watches and resume our lives’ natural rhythms.

Looking back on past pain – I wonder if time has ever been a friend.  Do we move on simply from distancing our selves from painful situations, marking minutes, days, hours away on a calendar?  Or do we move on because life found a way of distracting us?  Does pain really ever go away?  Or do we find new ways to lock it in a box somewhere in the back corner of our hearts and minds?

But what happens when that lockbox is full.  With full capacity is it possible to create inventive ways to lock it down?  Or is enough simply enough?  Can we run out of time to the point that time turns on us….

Rhetorical questions, I suppose.  As only time can tell.


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