Deployments and Mascara.

4 Apr

Deployment.  This word means so many things to so many people.  Until I started dating someone in the military, I never realized how opinionated or outspoken we civilians are about the idea of a deployment…  However, I think it is my turn to share my opinion.

16 days ago my best friend deployed to Afghanistan.  A deployment that I fully support and respect.  I have never been more proud of anyone in my life – as I am of my Marine.  The strength and pride that a Marine projects as they leave for war is real – an excitement I never could understand before now.  As I watched my man walk on that plane with his bag on his back, I saw a man ready to serve his country and do his job.  What an awesome commitment!  What an honor do be part of this man’s life.

Yes, I am proud to stay behind and support this man.  And with that, do come emotions.  During our time prior to the deployment, I had some trouble dealing with what was to come.  I was stressed to say the least.  During this time, I did find a way to force myself through my day without tears.  Mascara.  Yup – when I had full eye make up on, I couldn’t cry for fear of looking like Frankenstein….

I was smart enough not to wear eye make up the day he got on that plane.  My tears were mixed with pride and selfish sadness.  I was selfishly upset that I would not see my best friends face or be able to reach out and touch his hand for 12 months.  I won’t lie or try to hide the fact that I was upset.  But the reality of it is – I would rather sacrifice the year without him physically here, than to never have him in my life at all.

I accept that I will miss him every day, and that what he is gone for is worth missing him for.  And with that, will come easy days and hard days – depending on what we have to overcome both individually and together.  But we will prevail.

I am happy to report that today, 16 days later, I finally washed my hair, put on my cutest pair of high heals (yes, hot pink ones!) and layered on the eye make up.  Welcome back, Mascara – I have missed you!


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