Days like today.

5 Mar

It is days like this that make you realize the good in your life.  If you don’t view days like this with the glass half-full, life is bound swallow you whole – taking your spirit right with it.

Days like today, the whole world seems to be bleeding.  Saying good-bye and admitting that a baby received it wings too early can really tear you apart.  The sad truth is that families find themselves in this exact circumstance every single day… but until it happens to someone close to you, you don’t stop to realize how cruel the world can be.  A world where children pass every day isn’t exactly I place I’d like to live in.

So I’ve decided to take today to mourn the loss in a different way.  Perhaps I’m non-traditional – or maybe I just can’t handle it.   But, today, I am thankful for the good in my world.  For what I have.  For the miracles around me.  It has been a very long time since I’ve thought like this.  And here I go – watch out world – Amanda is back!

Rest in Peace, Baby Litz.  I will always Love You.  Enjoy Heaven – I know you are there.  Until I meet you there, get to know it well – because I am going to need a tour guide when I get there!  Your family sends their love.

Love, Auntie Mandy ❤


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