Who’s really at war?

8 Feb

During my typical Facebook break at work today I ran across an old co-worker’s post that struck me hard – things have really been hitting home lately…

I suppose I never really thought about it like this.  Have you?  Our troops are at war, so we, civilians, can be at the mall.  How is this fair?  My personal relationship with the Marine Corps aside, I am bothered by the realization.  What do we Americans, those of us who are in the states, not fighting, actually do for our freedom?  Do we support those who are sacrificing time with their friends and family to fight on the front lines?  Do we?

Sure, we see signs for “Cell Phones for Troops” and maybe we think about the troops during the holidays due to media attention and send cards.  But do we think about their efforts, inconveniences or sacrifices every day?  Is it just “old hat” for us Americans – are we simply bored with the idea of being at war since 9/11/01?  Yes, it has been a long haul – over 9 years ago many of us heard those words for the first time and read headlines such as “America Goes to War”.  How on Earth can we be BORED of it when we our closest loved ones and friends continue to deploy?

I am disappointed in you America – myself included in this folks.  Our husbands, brothers, fathers, sisters, mothers, wives, sons and daughters are STILL going to war – and we can’t even talk about it?  Who out there (military aside) actually knows why we are still overseas?  Honestly, where is our pride America?  Where is the love for your neighbor?  The first troops to deploy received such support and honor… don’t those who still deploy deserve the same?

I challenge you to think of 6 degrees of separation from yourself – I am willing to bet, that you have some sort of connection to someone who has been deployed, is deployed or will deploy.  What are you doing for them and their fellow fighters?


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